Warranty Policy

We cover all our PHYMAT® and Acada® Heating Pads with a One-year Warranty.

A Full One-year Warranty

We always stand behind our brand and the quality of the infrared heating pads we manufacture and sell. At PhymatLife, all purchases are covered by a One-Year Warranty.

PHYMAT provides a full one-year warranty for all PHYMAT® & Acada® branded products sold directly through PHYMATLIFE’s website, Amazon, or any legitimate distribution channel.

The 1-Year Warranty coverage applies to purchases made from the PHYMATLIFE website, and also to authorized retailers of PHYMAT from any territory or platform. Any valid proof of purchase such as a PayPal record, credit card statement, or invoice is sufficient as proof of purchase.

Whether the problem is with the mat or the controller, we will provide you with a free replacement as soon as possible, usually within several days after you contact us.

If a failure of the mat occurs during the warranty period, we will repair or replace the defective part or the whole mat quickly and at no cost. All shipping costs are free for warranty-related issues.

***Please keep in mind that the defects do not include physical damage caused by incorrect or negligent use.

The warranty is transferable if you get the new mat as a gift. Just inform us of the original order number and your mat serial number to register it.

After-warranty service is fast and reasonable. Replacement parts for standard wear and tear are always available for prompt delivery at minimum cost.

Customer Support

We created our business with Transparency, Integrity & Honesty ethical principles. We would like to share knowledge and information for the benefit of all people with health needs.

We personally & consistently deliver all customer service concerns via email at Our response time usually is not more than a few hours in business da.

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