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  • Sale! Infrared Amethyst Heating MatAmethyst PEMF Bio Mat

    Amethyst Infrared PEMF Mat Pro 70×31 in.


    Amethyst Infrared PEMF Mat provides a luxury heating experience with Infrared Therapy & PEMF Therapy. Pulsed Electro-Magnetic Field (PEMF) therapy uses technology to stimulate and exercise cells to help resolve cellular dysfunction and to support overall wellness, while Far Infrared Therapy creates deeper penetrating that enhances relaxing and pain relieving.

    • 4 therapies in one: Far infrared ray heat therapy; PEMF therapy; negative ion therapy, and healing crystal therapy
    • Professional size 70″ x 31″ (180 cm x 80 cm), appropriate for standard massage table and taller people.
    • 90% part of the mat is infused with Amethyst crystals, and the other 10% part in the upper position is filled with Obsidian, Turquoise, Yellow Agate, and Red Agate.
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  • Sale! Chakra Crystal Far Infrared Heating MatChakra Crystal Far Infrared Heating Mat

    Far Infrared Chakra 7-Gems Rainbow Mat for Back


    Comprehensive heating mat that combines chakra gemstones healing therapy, far infrared heat therapy, negative ion therapy, and hot stone massage therapy.

    • Flexible and smart sizing designed: Light 31×21 inch and Small 23×16 inch. Suitable for you to relax your mind and body anytime in busy life.
    • 7 kinds of natural gemstones, jade and tourmaline keep the heat for a much longer time.
    • This small rainbow infrared mat emits negative ions and far infrared heat therapy, which is low in EMF.
    • You can take it into your office and place it on your office chair as a seat warmer.
    • The gemstone heating pad is soft and can be rolled up in the small included storage bag for a travel.
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  • Sale! Violet Amethyst Infrared Heating PadViolet Jade Heating Pad

    Violet Amethyst Infrared Plus Mat


    The majority of this heating pad is filled with amethyst, which is best for its relaxing qualities. The upper 10% has 5 other types of gemstones that help relieve stress and make the mat look beautiful.

    There’re two sizes: Large 67″ x 27″ (170 cm x 70 cm) & Extra Large 70″ x 31″ (180 cm x 80 cm) are available to suite everyone’s needs. The Extra Large is great for full-body or taller people. An easy-to-use digital controller enables multiple heat settings.

    The top surface of the amethyst crystal mat is built with an attractive purple microfiber fabric layer that feels wonderful.

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  • Acada Jade and Tourmaline Heating PadAcada Jade and Tourmaline Infrared Mat

    Acada Jade Tourmaline Infrared Mat


    Acada Jade and Tourmaline Heating Pad is an Infrared Mat that features flat disks of natural jade and tourmaline stones. The disks are fixed within artisan sewing and durable heat resistant mesh fabric without glues or chemicals. This disk shape Jade and Tourmaline heating pad is harder to lie on, but you can feel more warmer than those covered with suede fabric.

    • 3 natural therapies in one: Far infrared heat therapy, negative ions therapy, and hot stone therapy.
    • Midsize 59″x24″ (150 x 60 cm) for full body heating experience for adults with medium height.
    • Flexible heating pad for back pain, and also for entire body sleeping on it.
    • Smart Controller: Set and maintain 86°-158°F (displayed as 30°-70°C) for 4, 8, or 12 hours auto shut off.
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  • Acada Heat Therapy MatAcada Heat Therapy Mat

    Acada Bioceramic Tourmaline Infrared Mat 59×24 in.


    The entire surface of the heating pad is filled with Bio Ceramic Tourmaline Balls, containing a variety of trace elements and minerals. Once stimulated by heat, Acada Bioceremic Infrared Mat emits far infrared rays that increase blood circulation, facilitate cell growth and tissue regeneration. This gives you the utmost stress relief and pain relief. Give your friends or family a welcome surprise with a Bioceramic Infrared Mat to keep them warm even in cold weather. Bio-ceramics have many beneficial properties:

    • Increase microcirculation contributes to tissue and cell metabolism.
    • Very useful for elderly subjects because Bio-ceramics improve oxygen exchanges and increase peripheral microcirculation with a consequent anti-inflammatory effect.
    • Beneficial for arthritis pathologies.
    • A great gift idea!
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  • Sale! Amethyst Infrared Mat Jade Tourmaline Heating Pad bundleNatural Jade and Tourmaline Mat

    Amethyst Mat & Red Light Jade Tourmaline Heating Pad Bundle


    The most cost-effective bundle sale, which contains Single size 67″x28″ Amethyst Infrared Mat for full body, and Lite Size 31″ x 21″ for upper and lower back.

    This bundle deal contains two products as below:

    • Amethyst Infrared Heating Pad: Single size 67″x28″
    • Red Light Jade and Tourmaline Heating Pad:Lite size 31″x21″
    • Direct purchase this bundle deal, get two heating pads.
    • No coupon code is needed.
    • *Note: These two mats will be shipped separately.
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