Amethyst is a specially selected crystal to form a thick layer on the surface of infrared heating mats, such as the most famous brand Richway BioMat, which features the exclusive use of natural, polished and tumbled Amethyst crystals with their soothing and healing effects. So, in this article, we’ll focus on the topic of the relationship between amethyst crystal and far infrared light. Is it true that amethyst can be a producer or emitter of infrared rays?

What is amethyst?

Amethyst is a beautiful purple variety of quartz found in many different locations around the world. It forms as transparent, terminated crystals of all sizes in geodes, in clusters, and as long, single terminated crystals. It ranges in hue from pale reddish violet to deep purple and can be transparent or opaque. Amethyst is known for its balancing energy and for its connection to higher levels of thinking and to the crown chakra.

natural Violet Amethyst Crystals

It has been prized throughout the ages for its stunning beauty and legendary powers to stimulate and soothe the mind and emotions. Amethyst is known for its ability to promote tranquility, invoke peacefulness, strengthen intuition, balance emotions, and heighten awareness. Dating all the way back to the ancient Greeks, the believed healing properties of the stone are quite impressive. In fact, the word “amethyst” is derived from the Greek word “amethystos,” meaning “not intoxicated,” in reference to the idea of maintaining a healthy, sober attitude.

Amethyst and Far Infrared Therapies

When using Amethyst Crystals embedded in Far Infrared Heating Mat, the source of Far Infrared heat is not the Amethyst itself. The crystal cannot produce power out of nothing. On the constrant, an external power source is the Far Infrared (FIR) source. When the external power is applied to the semi-precious stone, then the Amethyst crystal will absorb this heat energy in a wide range of wavelengths and will begin to emit infrared rays in the most powerful delivery of the frequencies of far and mid infrared light waves.

Amethyst crystals have an extremely high heat absorption rate, which accounts for the violet color of this stone. When a crystal reflects and absorbs energy, or when it has a near-surface layer of metal, it will “bounce” that energy back into the surrounding environment. But only when exposed to heat long enough will a crystal actually radiate heat.

Amethyst Amplifies Heat Energy into Far Infrared Rays

In fact, to describe the relationship between amethyst and far infrared light, the words “conductor” and “converter” are more appropriate than the words “emit” and “create. And “amplifier” is also correct. Waves of FIR and MIR lengths can be isolated and amplified as they pass through the layer of amethyst crystals. The stones are able to absorb the heat energy of a wide range of wave lengths and then release it.

Amethyst gemstones can absorb heat energy in the far infrared, also known as the “white light” spectrum. Absorbing this thermal energy causes the gemstone’s internal pressure to decrease, increasing the amount of radiant energy it emits. As a result, the clarity, color, cut, and overall appearance of the gemstone are greatly enhanced. Amethyst also has the unique ability to be a refractor of microwave radiation.

It is believed that the amethyst crystal is the “transformer” and “superconductor” of nature, which assists in the use of light therapy for human health. Amethyst transforms lower light vibrations into higher. Amethyst acts as a superconductor between FIR and body tissue, amplifying far infrared light into longer waves that are more easily absorbed by the human body.

Amethyst Tourmaline Far Infrared Heating Mat
Amethyst Far Infrared Heating Mat

This effect is explained in more detail in the field of Far Infrared Crystallography. Refracted by amethyst crystals, the light is organized into geometric patterns that are more biocompatible. Korean researchers suggest that adding Amethyst to the far infrared mat allows the human body to better utilize the beneficial far infrared light.

Amethyst Healing Benefits

Amethyst has come to be known as a powerful crystal with magical healing properties that protect the wearer from negative energies. Its calming properties create soothing dreams by aligning us with the divine. The stone also helps the mind flow freely in both the mental and metaphysical dimensions, bringing clarity and peace to the waking mind.

“A favorite of amethyst healing benefits is its ability to expand the higher mind, also enhancing one’s creativity and passion.

Physical Health Benefits

On a physical level, amethysts are said to have a wide range of therapeutic powers.

  • Amethyst promotes hormonal balance and regulates the endocrine system and metabolism.
  • It boosts immunity, reduces pain and strengthens the body against cancer.
  • It destroys malignant tumors and helps regenerate tissue.
  • Amethyst relieves headache and tension.
  • It reduces bruising, swelling, injuries and treats hearing disorders.
  • Amethyst cures lung and respiratory diseases, skin diseases, cellular disorders and digestive diseases.

Benefits for the Mental Health

The amethyst is highly esteemed in spiritual circles. It can control evil thoughts, initiate wisdom, and increase intelligence through greater understanding. The stone can help you use your intellectual powers in challenging situations. It can also help you think more clearly and make better decisions.

polished tumbled amethyst crystals
  • Amethyst relieves stress, tension, irritability, anger, rage, fear and anxiety.
  • It relieves sadness and grief and dissolves negativity.
  • Amethyst activates the spiritual awareness, opens the intuition and increases the psychic abilities.
  • Amethyst aids in dream recall and understanding.
  • Amethyst helps with insomnia.
  • Amethyst promotes selflessness and spiritual wisdom.
  • It calms and stimulates the mind, helping you to focus, improve memory and enhance motivation.

Amethyst can be used by Ayurvedic practitioners, crystal healers, Reiki practitioners, and other alternative and complementary medicine practitioners.

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