Wholesaler & Reseller Program

PHYMAT offers our resellers a broad selection of Far-infrared heating therapy mats, PEMF therapy mat, Healing crystal mat, from large-size for the whole body to small-size for the targeted area.

PHYMAT infrared heating mats are made using healing gemstones and carefully selected materials that maximize efficacy and efficiency, combining PEMF (Pulsed Electromagnetic Field), FIR (Far Infrared Ray), Negative Ions, and Healing Stones Therapies. Resellers of any size and type are welcome to join us. We welcome your participation in our PHYMAT Reseller program.

Marketing Capabilities

We have 20+ creative products that cater to diverse healthware and wellbeing industry and pain treatment scenarios.

Continuous Profit

We provide exclusive discounts for resellers, that will help you to increase your profits.

Guaranteed Service

Our customer service team is extremely helpful. Focus on working with your customers and leave the rest to us.

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Welcome To Join Our Wholesaler &
Reseller Program

If you’re interested in resell our featured Infrared Heating Pads, you can become our reseller and inquire a lower bulk buy price.

Join Us if You:
  • Love our products and wish you could help with good word of mouth spreading.
  • Eran money by being part of one of the fastest-growing industry.
  • Interested in promoting physical and mental health and wellbeing.
Livia Xu
Livia Xu

Reseller Manager

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