Are you a victim of stress? Are you overweight? Do you fall ill easily? All this could be due to your chakras are blocked or not balanced, disrupting your well-being and balance. For you not to suffer emotionally, physically, or mentally, your chakras must be balanced.

Opening all seven of your major chakras to complete health and flow is the most valuable gift you can give your spirit. Getting rid of misaligned and messy chakras is saying goodbye to life blunders and hello to spiritual awakening.

Clearing your chakras wide open via a meditation session may help you feel:

  • Balanced
  • Relaxed
  • A deep sense of inner calm

What is chakra meditation?

Chara meditation is a method of focusing awareness to achieve mental clarity, emotional balance, and physical wellness. It is the process of focusing on one of your energy centers to unblock it, restore balance, or address specific associated issues. A chakra meditation aims to unblock an energy source to improve your wellness. Meditating on them is a powerful way to heal and create positive energy.

Chakra meditation is an infallible option to give stability to the mind. When your chakras are open, energy flows throughout your body. However, when your chakras are blocked, internal energy is created, but the relationship between mind, body and soul is not developed. If you focus your attention on the chakra meditation cycle, spiritual knowledge is attained.

Yoga Shastra

This chakra meditation cycle is the first step towards a spiritual life. With regular practice of all these chakra meditation cycles, energy communication becomes independent, and a strong connection is established between your mind and body. When your horoscope is awakened by doing the chakra meditation cycle, your mental, spiritual and physical states come together and lead you towards spirituality.

It is not a new concept. Chakras are a centuries-old concept used in yoga, Reiki, and other alternative wellness practices. Meditation originated in ancient India thousands of years ago. The word “Chkra” comes from Sanskrit for “spinning wheel” and is defined as a vortex of energy that supplies prana, or vital life energy, for physical, mental, and spiritual health.

Starting at the bottom of the spine and progressing to the top of the head, the chakras overlap the central nervous system. They serve as an ethereal double for the physical body. When practicing chakra meditation in a yoga class, you focus on balancing your body’s main energy centers. Chakra meditation can help you maintain physical and mental balance and attain a more peaceful state.

chakra healing meditation

Yoga Shastra classifies the chakra meditation cycle into seven energy sources.

As the main junctions of spiritual energy throughout the body, each chakra has its own unique set of functions and characteristics. Below are the seven chakras, their locations, the qualities they promote, and the best way to open them all (meditation!).

The 7 chakras of meditation

Here are the seven key chakras of the human body you need to know.

Everyone has 7 chakras in him, with each chakra associated with a specific part of the body. Each chakra has a specific color and element associated with it. They start from your base all the way to your head.

Chakra meditation involves tapping into the 7 chakras and accessing the power associated with each.

7 chakras

Crown Chakra

  • Location: At the top of your head
  • Associated color: violet
  • This swirling crown of energy is linked to your brain, so it’s all about awareness, intelligence, and spiritual connection.
  • Imbalanced: Feeling forgetful, moody, or disconnected from your body.

Third Eye Chakra

  • Location: Between your eyes
  • Associated color: Deep blue or indigo
  • This “third eye” connects to how you see the world. The energy swirling in this part of your body influences imagination, intuition, and instinct.
  • Imbalanced: A slow third eye chakra flow might mess up your head physically and emotionally. Think chronic headaches, trouble focusing, and creative blockage.

Throat Chakra

  • Location: Your throat
  • Associated color: blue or turquoise
  • Balanced: You express and share your truth and inspiration. This chakra swirls with all things creativity and communication.
  • Imbalanced: A sore throat, nervousness, irritated sinuses, thyroid problems, teeth and gum problems, TMJ, jaw pain.
  • Color: Blue

Heart Chakra

  • Location: center of your chest, just above your heart
  • Associated color: green
  • Balanced: You bring forth the essence of your spirit into existence. Love is all we are. It’s in our inherent nature. Love holds the source of divine wisdom.
  • Imbalanced: We lose sight of beauty, empathy, love, and compassion for others and ourselves.

Solar Plexus Chakra

  • Location: Your abdomen, above your belly button
  • Associate color: Yellow
  • Balanced: You have inner strength, strong instincts, and gut feelings.
  • Imbalanced: Feel super down, insecure, or anxious.

Sacral Chakra

  • Location: A couple of inches below your belly button
  • Associated color: orange
  • This lower-abdominal energy center is connected to sexuality and creativity. Some folks find that it’s super influential over self-worth and self-image.
  • Balanced: The ultimate union of body, soul and the divine occurs.
  • Imbalanced: Eating disorders, low self-esteem, addictions, no sex drive and dependency issues

Root Chakra

  • Location: At the base of the spine/pelvic floor
  • Associated color: red
  • Associated with: Security, safety, health and vitality of your physical body.
  • Balanced: You feel safe and function in this world.
  • Imbalanced: Feeling abandoned, depressed, anxious and addictions.

Perform a Chakra Meditation on a Rainbow Chakra Infrared Mat

Lie down on your back and get comfortable. The first step in chakra stone body placement is to assign each crystal to its corresponding chakra. Once each stone is in place, relax into your position.

Specially designed for chakra meditation, PHYMAT 7-Gems Rainbow Chakra Mat is built with 7 colors of gemstones and crystals from toe to head. Each type of crstal associated with each chakra as a focal point, they are Red Jasper (Root Chakra), Orange Jade (Sacral Chakra), Yellow Aventurine (Solar Plexus Chakra), Green Aventurine (Heart Chakra), Blue Turquoise (Throat Chakra), Indigo Afghan lapis (Third Eye Chakra), and Violet Amethyst (Crown Chakra). These magnificent crystals help to unblock the higher chakras and give you immense mental clarity or a much-needed creativity boost.

7-Gems Chakra Meditation Mat
7-Gems Rainbow Chakra Mat

Sitting or lying down on your back on the 7-Gems Rainbow Mat to perform chakra meditation can be easier for visual people. To meditate on the root chakra, visualize the red agate gemstone. Spend time experiencing the sensations of each chakra before moving on to the one above it. See if you can feel where the crystal’s energy melts into your own. Watch the colors change as you get higher and higher and you feel lighter and lighter. If you’re only focusing on one chakra, there’s less of a need to move up. However, it’s still advised so that your energy has free passage throughout the body. Once you reach the crown, thank your crystals before changing positions.

Infrared heat therapy and negative ion therapy combined in this Chakra Mat assist to ease stress, increase clarity, and refresh yourself and bring things back into the proper balance. When you heat the 7 types of natural gemstones and crystals of the Chakra Stone Healing Mat, they resonate with the spiritual energy within your body to help cleanse and balance your chakras.

Benefits of chakra meditation

When all chakras are open and in balance, we are at our best. We feel more connected to ourselves and others. We have increased vitality, creativity, and confidence. Practitioners feel more centered and grounded, and can give and receive love more easily. Open, balanced chakras also contribute to physical well-being.

Doing this practice regularly can help you master your inner energy. This is not a one-time meditation method. Add it to your routine if you want to see long term effects.

Love of life

Are you experiencing the hardships that come with life? Taking a week of chakra meditation will make you love life, feel less stressed, and enjoy each day.

Gives you a positive attitude

Practicing chakra meditation will enable you to visualize things in a more positive way. It will give you the ability to conquer in difficult times and the strength to tackle the challenges you face each day.


Chakra meditation locates the specific place where you are hurting, be it because of betrayal, heartbreak, or the loss of a loved one. It speeds up the healing process.

Better relationships

Balanced chakras create peace within you, giving you ways to deal with your temper. This enables you to have compassion towards others and emphasize with them, leading to loving relationships and better homes.

Gives balance to body and mind

You become more aware of energy channels through meditation. This leads to more awareness of the slightest changes in your body, even when you are not meditating.

Other benefits include better sleep, greater connection to inner sleep, contentment, peace, and heightened energy charges.

“As for meditation, you can perform it daily or weekly, aiming for around 20 minutes each time.”


For contentment, positive energy, and self-healing, chakra meditation has got you. It does not require much effort. All you need is a yoga mat, the perfect music, and a dedicated set of amount of time for meditation. Once all your chakras are unblocked and healed, they work together harmoniously to benefit your body. It nourishes your physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual well-being. The powerful can benefit your health, so why not take advantage of it?

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