Heat therapy, a branch of external treatment of TCM (Traditional Chinese Medicine), is a way of physical therapy which transmits heat to the body through to achieve the purpose of disease treatment. There’re several kind of TCM heat therapies, such as the herb fumigation and steaming therapy, far-infrared heat therapy, and directional permeation therapy.

What kind of patient needed heat therapy?

Heat is an essential component of the therapeutic recommendations of Chinese Medicine. In order for our bodies to function optimally, we need warmth and proper circulation. Without it, cold sets in and circulation becomes sluggish. Patients with signs of internal cold are recommended a variety of ways they can build heat to feel better.

Signs of internal cold can include:

  • Feeling cold easily (can be someone with cold extremities or they feel cold all over)
  • General fatigue
  • Pale tongue (this is something your acupuncturist can check!)
  • Digestive problems, especially if there is difficulty with digesting raw foods and getting diarrhea easily
  • Menstrual cramps and/or clots
  • Chronic pain such as arthritis, pain due to standing for long periods of time or injury many years ago
  • Lower back and knee pain
  • Most postpartum people tend to benefit a lot from heat therapy because of having lost blood in childbirth (blood is warming) and so much “heat” from the growing baby, plus the depletion due to the physical and emotional toll of labor

Infrared Heat Therapy

Far-infrared heating devices like infrared light lamp and infrared heating pads provide a convenient and practical way for giving heat therapy to treat neck and back pain problems at home as they apply infrared light lamp & infrared heating pad.

Heat therapy has been applied in Chinese heat treatment, far-infrared heat can help the human body to achieve anti-inflammatory, detumescence, analgesia, and improve local blood circulation, alleviate adhesion and a series of effects. The significant feature of hyperthermia is that it does not damage cells, which can ensure the health of human cells, improve the working efficiency of zang-fu organs, and remove abnormal bad cells.

Heat therapy has a good effect on removing local inflammation, and can also correct the damage caused by necrotic tissues to the body, with obvious effects.

Infrared heating bed, because of its far infrared radiation on human blood circulation and micro-circulation disorders caused by a variety of diseases have improved and prevention and treatment, by the elderly welcome.

Far infrared heating mat, belts, or wraps at home

Far infrared radiation is a novel approach to heat therapy. Crystals and stones within the products are heated through electrical means and then emit far infrared heat deep into the muscles. Far infrared products typically have adjustable temperature settings and automatic timers, similar to traditional electrical heating products.

The use of crystals and stones allows for a more controlled transfer of heat, such that the heating mat is not hot to the touch or likely to burn the skin. The stones typically take 10 to 15 minutes to heat to the desired temperature, and remains at the temperature until the product is unplugged. Some brands of these products like Richway Biomat can be quite expensive, and tend to last for several years. Far infrared heating mats are slow to raise the body temperature, and may be suitable for people who are sensitive to heat.

Infrared heating mats are usually flexible and durable. The small size as even mini size makes heating pads usable anywhere there is access to a electrical plug, such as the home or the office.

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