PHYMAT Reviews

PHYMAT Infrared Mats have garnered numerous positive reviews since their release on the United States market. Some customers benefit from back pain relief, and some get relaxation after lying on the mat for 20 minutes. They use our PHYMAT gemstone heat pad to resolve their health problems such as neck & shoulder pain, lower back soreness, joint stiffness, insomnia, or mental stress. You might be interested in reading the PHYMAT customer report to know more about the PHYMAT heating pad, or you might want to leave us your comments to receive a coupon code or reward back.

Feels like it’s heating up my visceral organs with rays of healing sunshine.

Laying on this thing turned on it feels like I’m in an actual infrared sauna. So great value. I know they say it penetrates like 3 inches deep. I feel it penetrate all the way through me. Feels like it’s heating up my visceral organs with rays of healing sunshine.
Christopher Emmett
Amazon buyer
Infrared Mat Massage Table Warmer
PHYMAT Purple Amethyst Mat Review

Easy to switch on and heats up in five minutes.

One of my best purchases for my meditation room. Easy to switch on and heats up in five minutes. I’ve let mine out but it does come with a bag and is very easy to put away when I clean my fitness room. The stones are beautiful and still warm after the switch is off. Get a gemstone neck pillow as well cause it is a beautiful match and a great nap experience.
Marilyn Cheng
Amazon buyer

I use it on my Reiki Massage table and people love it.

This mat is incredible! I use it on my Reiki/Massage table and people love it. It’s so much better than a simple heating pad that only warms the surface of the skin. This has the penetrating infrared warming heat. Couple that with the beautiful healing energy of the amethyst crystals and it provides that extra boost. When I use it personally for 20-60 minutes, I find that I am totally relaxed and the healing energy continues long afterward.
Amazon Customer
London, UK
Rainbow Chakra Mat for Meditation

Would recommend for tight muscles

This crystal mat is really nice. It is thick and heavy, and each chamber is filled to the max with crystals. Despite this, I found it comfortable to lay on. It takes about 15-20 minutes to heat up. It is winter now and about 35 degrees outside. When I laid on this mat it was nice and toasty. It left me feeling energized like I had been outside sunbathing. It does smooth tense muscles. My husband said it helped him to loosen tight muscles and eased his bone and joint pain.
Amazon Buyer

If you have lingering aches and pains, whether they be from working or just getting older, this thing is magic. It’s perfect you don’t have to work with high heat because it penetrates so well. I used it on my lower back the day after deadlifts and it reduced my recovery time by half. The timer works and so you don’t have to be concerned about it staying on. Knees, back, ankles, even cramps, it works on all of it.

PHYMAT Jade Tourmaline Heating Pad
whole body relief amethyst biomat
release muscle tension and to detox

Bought the full-sized mat in February 2022 and am so glad that I did. Comes with an easy-to-use controller, the storage case is quality and it allows me to have my whole body get the benefits. Use it throughout the week to release muscle tension and detox. Personally think it’s worth the investment in your health and will hold up long-term for my entire family.

Deep tissue massage and sleep like a baby

I am really happy with this purchase and my clients love it. It’s the extra layer of comfort and pain relief my regular electric table warmer did not provide. It feels like the sun warming your body. Clients comment that they have less soreness after a deep tissue massage and sleep like a baby after a session that evening since I have been using this mat. 🙂

deep tissue massage heating mat

Awesome heat, size for bed, awesome price!

Awesome heat for my back and gets pretty hot! Price is definitely but any other market and fits perfect to lay down on you whole upper back!! Define recommend before it gets sold out;)
Your Best
United States

Great heating pad at an affordable price!

I really love this heating pad. It is a little stiff but I got used to it. I use it while sitting on my reclining sofa and it greatly helps my neck and back pain and muscle spasms.
Gator Grad
United States

Toasty warm, easy to sleep on. Wish it were still in stock!

I purchased this on 12/15/21 hoping to try it and then buy 4-5 more, but it’s sold out! I love the length and width, easy to use control, warmth for these cold nights.
United States

Quick Start Guide of PHYMAT Infrared Mat

Get Started to choose a right heating pad

Although PHYMAT far infrared heating pads are created with an easy-to-use design to improve your health and wellness, it is still imperative to always use the mat safely and correctly to avoid damaging, overheating, and fire risks. Let’s configure how to use the infrared heating pad correctly and safely.

  • What’s in The Box?
  • Place the infrared mat wherever a flat surface you like.
  • What should you prepare to use the infrared mat?
  • How to set the infrared heat with the smart controller?
  • How to use an infrared heating pad?
  • How long to use a heating pad for your condition?
  • Storage and maintenance of far infrared heating pad
  • Safety Precautions