Are PHYMAT far infrared heating pads flexible and bendable? Can I put it on a recliner, wrap it around my body or cover it with it?

This is one of the most frequently asked questions by our customers. Today I’d like to answer and explain this question in this article.

Infrared heating pads are less flexible than regular heating pads. Many infrared pads are designed for lying down on, while regular heating pads can be easily molded to fit the shape of your body.

Infrared mats from PHYMAT are not as flexible as regular heating pads. To be honest, they are rather stiff and rigid. Far infrared pads are designed for lying down on, while regular heating pads can be easily molded to fit the shape of your body. At the bottom of the infrared mat, there’s a high density compressed cotton layer, which is designed for insulating and protecting the heating elements, sensors and other electronics. Furthermore, the reinforced aluminum foil is laminated with the thick layer of the mat, which directs the heat upwards and protects the bottom of the mat and your mattress.

Do you need a flexible and bendable infrared mat? PHYMAT will not let you down. We still have two types of completely flexible and bendable pads with different crystals. These are convenient for you when you need to wrap your body or use a mat on a non-flat surface like a recliner.

PHYMAT ATTOC Far Infrared Soft Mat

The main feature of this PHYMAT Infrared Heating Pad is its softness and flexibility. It is versatile to use on a flat floor, or even on a non-flat surface like a recliner or sofa that is not stiff. Further, instead of the tri-folded storage method, it can be easily rolled up and stored without consuming too much room.

PHYMAT Soft Mat roll up for storage
The mat can be rolled up for storage
PHYMAT Soft Infrared Heating Pad
Soft infrared mat for sofa
  • 5 types of precious gemstones are incorporated into the far-infrared heating pad. Green aventurine, clear crystal, amethyst, obsidian, and tourmaline are all woven into this mat.
  • Come with 2 sizes: Full-body size (59″ x 24″) for treating neck and back, legs, and any part of your body. And compact size (24″ x 16″) is perfect addition to any chair, bed or sofa.

Small Infrared Mat Soft

There’re also several small size Infrared mats that are soft and flexible. The compact sizes, 24″ x 16″, 31 x 23″, or 37″ x 22″ are perfect addition to any chair, bed or sofa. In a busy world, this is the appropriate size for you to relax your mind and body from time to time. It is easy to roll it up and put it in the included storage bag for travel.

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  1. Lynn Matheny says:

    Hi. Trying to order an Far Infrared Mat. Price is listed at $99. Coupon is offered, 12% savings, for Spring sale (PHYSPF12). When adding the coupon code to the order list, the $99 price is not affected. What am I doing incorrectly?
    Your prompt assistance is greatly appreciated.

    1. Hello Lynn,
      Thank you for shopping with us! The 12% off coupon code [PHYSPF12] has expired and was limited to orders over $150. I’ve sent you another 10% off coupon code to use at checkout. Just check your email for the code.

      Happy shopping!

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