The Secret Reason Infrared Heat can heal neck, back, shoulder, hip pain, and more.

It is possible that you’ve been bombarded with a ton of information about infrared light therapy. Such as an infrared sauna, FIR heat lamps, infrared heating pad, and bioceramic sleepware and bedding that emit far-infrared light directly onto your body. To help you sort through the infrared light therapy so you can make an informed buying decision, we’ll uncover the science behind far-infrared technology.

First of all, what is Far-Infrared Light?

Infrared light, or infrared waves, is part of the electromagnetic spectrum. We can’t see infrared light, but we do feel its effects. When you’re basking in the heat on a summer’s day, the warmth you feel comes from the infrared radiation emitted by the sun.

Infrared radiation, that portion of the electromagnetic spectrum that extends from the long wavelength, or red, end of the visible-light range to the microwave range. Invisible to the eye, it can be detected as a sensation of warmth on the skin. Generally we can divide it into three segments: near-infrared (0.8-2.5 μm wavelength), mid-infrared (2.5-25 μm), and far-infrared (25-1000 μm).

6 – 14 Micron bandwidth essential to growth of living things.

To understand far-infrared (FIR) light therapy properly, we need to get a bit more technical. Infrared (IR) light is an invisible form of electromagnetic energy that travels in waves. We divide it into three groups according to wavelength, with FIR being the longest.

In a recent study on Biotechnology, far-infrared rays (FIR with wavelengths between 6-14 microns) have been shown to play a significant role in forming and growing living things. It is for this reason that far infrared rays of 6-14 microns are called “growth radiation”.

Health Benefits of Far Infrared Ray

  • Reduce blood acidity
  • Boost blood circulation
  • Improve metabolism
  • Prevent bacterial culture
  • Assist with growth and development
  • Maintain body warmth

Far infrared ray and its relationship to health

It has been found that everything in the world emits infrared rays, the only difference being the wavelength range. In the IR radiation bands, only FIR transfers energy purely in the form of heat which can be perceived by the thermoreceptors in human skin as radiant heat.

Life sciences research confirmed that the human body is a source of far infrared rays. Far infrared light may be absorbed and emitted by the human body. Over 50% of the energy of the human body is located in far infrared rays between 6-14 microns, which play a crucial role in life.

Therefore, far infrared rays of 6-14 microns can easily penetrate the human body to repair damaged tissues, improve blood circulation, unblock meridians, promote the formation of metabolism, improve the body’s immunity, and reduce the occurrence of diseases.

Aside from that, as we all know, when two equal wavelengths interact, a resonance phenomenon will occur, and the human body contains 70%-80% water molecules. Under the resonance effect, the first activation of the vibration energy level of water molecules, so that 70% of the water molecules constitute the human body, from large groups of water molecules to small groups of water molecules, resulting in the phenomenon of increased specific gravity, and accelerate the flow of calcium ion flow and metabolism.


The penetrating and resonance absorption properties of far infrared rays allow them to increase the temperature of subcutaneous tissues, expand microvessels, and increase blood flow. In addition, it facilitates cellular regeneration, accelerates the supply of nutrients and enzymes, and promotes health.

Health Benefits of Far Infrared Ray

1. Activation of cells

When the human body receives the far infrared ray, macro-molecules such as nucleic acid and protein are affected and activated. Having a higher vibration state allows these biological molecules to regulate the metabolism and immunity functions of organisms.

2. Improve blood circulation

When far infrared penetrates the skin, most of the energy will be absorbed by the skin. The absorbed energy is converted into heat energy, causing the body’s surface temperature to rise. Skin internal heat receptors relax blood vessels and speed up blood circulation. The blood flow improved as a result, including the microcirculation system. (Tested by the Institute of Hematology, Chinese Academy of Medical Sciences, 20 minutes can increase microcirculatory blood flow by 114%).

3. Enhance metabolism

If the human body’s metabolism is disturbed, causing the exchange of substances outside the body to be abnormal, then various diseases will come. These diseases include water and electrolyte metabolism disorders, which can be a danger to life. And diabetes triggered by disorders of sugar metabolism; hyperlipidemia and obesity are caused by disorders of lipid metabolism. Since FIR can improve the blood viscosity, it can reduce the blood flow resistance effectively, making it easier to enter the capillaries. This secures the exchange of metabolic materials in tissues, improving blood oxygen supply to the local pathological area.

4. Has an anti-inflammatory, anti-swelling and analgesic effect

The heating effect of far infrared rays may increase the skin’s hypodermic temperature by 1-2°C. This simultaneously expands the capillaries, speeds up the blood flow, achieving relaxation and loosening of the body. Loosening local soft tissues helps to reduce the excitability of nerve endings. In addition to that, improvement of blood circulation and subside of swelling, efficiently leads to its anti-inflammatory, anti-swelling and analgesic effect. Because of activation of one’s metabolism, increased cell blood and oxygen supply, it has a very remarkable therapeutic effect on controlling the development of inflammation.

Far-Infrared Rays and Healing

5. Improve the body’s immune function

In the human body, immunity comprises cellular immunity and humoral immunity, both of which play an important role in the body’s defense function and anti-infection ability. Through clinical observation, far-infrared health care products improve the body’s macrophage phagocytosis, enhance the human body’s cellular immunity and humoral immune function, which is beneficial to human health.

With better technology to deliver pure far infrared radiation (FIR), the benefits from its effects have widened. Some of the far infrared products that are available to treat injuries or improve overall health include far-infrared saunas, far infrared heating mats or blankets, bedding and sleepware, etc.

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