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  • PHYMAT infrared heating pad controllerPHYMAT Smart Controller

    Replacement Smart Controller

    • Smart controller PHYMAT FIR Mats full-body size, Midsize (59″×24″), Single (67″x27″), and Pro size (70″x31″).
    • PHYMAT classic infrared mat controller fits Classic FIR mats connector 5 pins or 6 pins.
    • This controller does not fit mats with PEMF or Photon functions.
    • Cord cable length: 110cm
    • Safe grounded / earthing
    • If you want to match your mat with Photon LEDs, and PEMF therapy function, do remember to contact us in advance.
    • Any questions, please feel free to contact us.
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  • best heating pad for backheating pad for lower back pain

    Waist Heating Pad, Heat Belt for Lower Back Pain


    Acada Waist Heat Belt is designed to provide pain relief for the lower back and waist. Featuring Amethyst and Obsidian healing stones that generate far-infrared rays and negative ions when heated, penetrating more evenly into targeted tissues. The infrared heat belt for back pain increases blood circulation, smooths tight muscles and keeps you comfortable throughout the day.

    • Heating for target area – Hot Stone Area 14 “L x 8 “W, Overall Length 51 “L. This heating belt enhances far-infrared and negative ions efficiency for target areas, such as the waist, lower back, thigh, neck or shoulder.
    • Amethyst and Obsidian Stones – Untreated, 100% natural Amethyst and Obsidian stones are filled in the small blocks of the lower back heating pad. These stones help to relax, concentrate, enhance body circulation and protect against harmful radiation.
    • Portable heating pad – Acada Waist Heating Pad are designed to provide a smart pain relief at home or on the go. You can use it for a short time at high temperature for 30-45 minutes to relieve fatigue, or wrap it around your waist and move around freely without plugging in it, as it can stay warm at low temperature for a long time.
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  • Heat Wrap for Lower BackAcada Heat Belt for Back Pain

    Acada Lower Back Heat Wrap – Jade & Amethyst Belt


    Acada Lower Back Heat Wrap, flexible lower back wrap with natural crystals. The adjustable waist strap can be stretched up to 51 inches for easy, hands-free use.

    • Filled with untreated, unpainted, tumbled and polished 100% natural small green aventurine jades and purple amethyst crystals.
    • This heat back belt enhances far-infrared and negative ions efficiency for target are, like the waist, lower back, thigh, neck or shoulders.
    •  smart to use, you can ware it and move around freely without plugging into the power source.
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