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  • PHYMAT Controller Regular FIR FunctionPHYMAT Smart Controller

    Replacement Smart Controller


    PHYMAT Controller, smart controller for PHYMAT Gemstone FIR heat pads. Before placing your order, please check the model of your mat and make sure that you are purchasing the correct controller that corresponds to the function of your mat.

    • Smart controller PHYMAT FIR Mats full-body size, Midsize (59″×24″), Single (67″x27″), and Pro size (70″x31″).
    • PHYMAT classic infrared mat controller fits Classic FIR mats connector 5 pins or 6 pins.
    • Cord cable length: 110cm
    • Safe grounded / earthing
    • Please contact us in advance if you have any concerns about which one to purchase.
    • Any questions, please feel free to contact us