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  • Sale! Infrared Mat with Amethyst Tourmaline CrystalAmethyst Tourmaline Gemstone Heating Pad

    Infrared Mat with Amethyst Tourmaline Stones


    Amethyst Tourmaline Infrared Mat, a combination of 100% natural amethyst and tourmaline crystals, enhances far infrared light therapy.

    • Two sizes are available: Medium size 59″x24″ is suitable for women and people who are less than 5 ft 6 inches, while single size 67″x28″ is for taller people.
    • Warmed gems and crystals consistently release far infrared rays and negative ions deep into your body tissue, relieving tension & stiffness, improving your mood, bringing the feeling of well-being.
    • Professional digital controller to set & maintain 86°-158°F (displayed as 30°-70°C) heating temperature.
    • Coming with a white thick quilted white cotton mattress cover that protects your heating mat by absorbing spills, sweat and any liquids.
  • Photon Jade and Tourmaline Heating MatPhoton Jade and Tourmaline Heating Mat

    Red Light Hot Stone Infrared Therapy Mat


    This PHYMAT Heating Mat combines the pain relief of hot jade and tourmaline stone therapy with the soothing benefits of far infrared, negative ion, and red light stimulating cell repair and promoting blood circulation.

    Three sizes are available for you to select. The medium and small-size heating pads are perfect for laying back and relax. The mini size is more flexible to wrap around a body part to promote circulation and decrease inflammation of your shoulder, waist, hip, leg, arms, knees, and feet with a versatile size of 23.6″ x 16″. Furthermore, you can lie or sit on it for additional relief.

  • PHYMAT Jade Stone Heating PadPHYMAT Rainbow Gemstone Heating Pad

    PHYMAT Infrared Gemstone Heat Therapy Mat Soft for Bed


    This infrared gemstone heat therapy mat is the only bendable soft mat that can be used on a massage bed, chair, recliner. You can also wrap it around any part of your body or cover it on your back. For storage, you can roll it up to save space.

    • FOUR therapies are applied to this mat, including infrared therapy, gemstone massage therapy, negative ion therapy, and natural healing stone therapy.
    • 5 types of precious gemstones are incorporated into the far-infrared heating pad. Green aventurine, clear crystal, amethyst, obsidian, and tourmaline are all woven into this mat.
    • Available in 2 sizes: Full-body (59″ x 24″) for using on your neck, back, legs, and anywhere else. The compact size (24″ x 16″) is the perfect addition to any chair, bed or sofa.
    • Soft infrared mat with gemstones is bendable and can be rolled up for travelling.
  • Red light therapy matRed light tourmaline heating pad

    Red Light Therapy Tourmaline Jade Heating Mat


    PHYMAT Red Light Therapy Mat is a heating pad that combines the benefits of Photon Red Light Therapy, Far Infrared Heat Therapy, Negative Ion Therapy and Hot Stone Therapy. These four therapies work in synergy to enhance circulation, promote relaxation, and reduce inflammation.

    • Single size 67″x28″ (170 x 70 cm) mat influences the entire body from the toes to the neck.
    • It Comprises 133 stones: 70 Natural Jade, 63 Ceramic Tourmaline stones, and 12 Photon light.
    • Materials: High-quality nontoxic polyester hard cotton, high-quality PU leather, natural jade and bioceramic tourmaline.
    • Simply set out flat on the ground or sofa, do some gentle yoga or light stretching, or suck into a book for hours.
  • Sale! Natural Jade and Tourmaline Mat for Back Pain ReliefJade Tourmaline for Back Pain

    Jade and Tourmaline Heating Pad for Back


    Acada Jade and Tourmaline Heating Pad is designed with small (31″ x 21″) and mini (24″ x 16″) sizes, which are perfect for relieving pain of back, lower back, neck, shoulder, legs, hands, feet, and any other targeted part of your body. It can be easily rolled up to wrap and store in a carrying bag that comes with the product.

    The small size pad comes with 96 jade, and 48 tourmaline stones. When the stones heat up, they naturally release negative ions and far infrared rays that can penetrate your body to help the relief process.

  • Acada Jade and Tourmaline Heating PadAcada Jade and Tourmaline Infrared Mat

    Acada Jade Tourmaline Infrared Mat


    Acada Jade and Tourmaline Heating Pad is an Infrared Mat that features flat disks of natural jade and tourmaline stones. The disks are fixed within artisan sewing and durable heat resistant mesh fabric without glues or chemicals. This disk shape Jade and Tourmaline heating pad is harder to lie on, but you can feel more warmer than those covered with suede fabric.

    • 3 natural therapies in one: Far infrared heat therapy, negative ions therapy, and hot stone therapy.
    • Midsize 59″x24″ (150 x 60 cm) for full body heating experience for adults with medium height.
    • Flexible heating pad for target area, and also for entire body sleeping on it.
    • Smart Controller: Set and maintain 86°-158°F (displayed as 30°-70°C) for 4, 8, or 12 hours auto shut off.
  • Acada 5-Gems Infrared MatAcada Gem Crystal Heating Pad

    Acada 6-Gems Infrared Heating Mat Midsize 59×24 in.


    Acada 6-Gems Infrared Heating Pad, which contains 6 types of valuable natural gemstone and crystals. Mesh fabric affixes crushed, tumbled, natural Jade, Clear Crystal, Green Aventurine, Obsidian, Turquoise, and Tourmaline stones together in place without glue by an artisan sewing process. When heated, warm stones naturally emit FIR (far infrared) rays and negative ions that penetrate deeply into the body and produce benefits, comfort, and pleasant feelings.

    • Midsize 59″ x 24″ (150cmx60cm) is used for the whole body if your height is less than 5 ft 6 inches
    • 3 therapies in one: Far infrared heat therapy, negative ion therapy, and healing crystal therapy.
  • Acada ATT Mat SingleAcada ATT Mat Midsize 5924

    Acada ATT-Gems BioInfrared Mat | Far Infrared Biomat


    Acada ATT Infrared Mat is an infrared heating pad that contains 3 types of natural gemstones and crystals including amethyst, tourmaline, and turquoise. Those crushed, tumbled, and polished gemstones are mesh fabric affixed in place without glue by an artisan sewing process. When heated, warm stones naturally emit FIR (far infrared) rays and negative ions that penetrate deeply into the body and produce benefits, comfort, and pleasant feelings.

    • Midsize 59″ x 24″ (150cmx60cm) is cost-effective, used for the whole body if your height is less than 5 ft 6 inches
    • Single size 67″ x 28″ (170cmx70cm) is perfect to fit tall people full-body therapy.
    • 3 therapies in one: Far infrared heat therapy, negative ion therapy, and healing crystal therapy.
  • Acada FIR Heating Pad with Gems CrystalsAcada FIR Heating Pad

    Acada AOT Bio FIR Heating Pad with Crystals


    Built with a thick layer of Amethyst, Obsidian and Tourmaline gemstones that amplify deep penetrating Far Infrared rays to a more absorbent wavelength, Acada Infrared Heating Pad benefits your overall health.

    • Single size (67″ x 28″) is great for sleep or full-body heat therapy session;
    • Midsize (59″ x 24″) is suitable for full-body session if your height is less than 5 feet, 5 inches (165 cm), and also flexible to treat neck and back pain.
    • FIR heating pad helps to purify the human body through excessive sweating, relieve muscle fatigue, and relax joints.
    • Integrated smart controller allows precise temperature adjustment and auto-off timer control with 4 hours timer function.
    • A travel bag is also provided which makes it convenient and easy to carry as well as to organize for storage.
  • Acada Bioceramic Infrared MatAcada Bioceramic Infrared Mat

    Acada Bioceramic Tourmaline Infrared Mat 59×24 in.


    The entire surface of the heating pad is filled with Bio Ceramic Tourmaline Balls, containing a variety of trace elements and minerals. Once stimulated by heat, Acada Bioceremic Infrared Mat emits far infrared rays that increase blood circulation, facilitate cell growth and tissue regeneration. This gives you the utmost stress relief and pain relief. Give your friends or family a welcome surprise with a Bioceramic Infrared Mat to keep them warm even in cold weather. Bio-ceramics have many beneficial properties:

    • Increase microcirculation contributes to tissue and cell metabolism.
    • Very useful for elderly subjects because Bio-ceramics improve oxygen exchanges and increase peripheral microcirculation with a consequent anti-inflammatory effect.
    • Beneficial for arthritis pathologies.
    • A great gift idea!