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  • Heat Wrap for Lower BackAcada Heat Belt for Back Pain

    Acada Lower Back Heat Wrap – Jade & Amethyst Belt


    Acada Lower Back Heat Wrap, flexible lower back wrap with natural crystals. The adjustable waist strap can be stretched up to 51 inches for easy, hands-free use.

    • Filled with untreated, unpainted, tumbled and polished 100% natural small green aventurine jades and purple amethyst crystals.
    • This heat back belt enhances far-infrared and negative ions efficiency for target are, like the waist, lower back, thigh, neck or shoulders.
    •  smart to use, you can ware it and move around freely without plugging into the power source.
  • Acada Bioceramic Infrared MatAcada Bioceramic Infrared Mat

    Acada Bioceramic Tourmaline Infrared Mat 59×24 in.


    The entire surface of the heating pad is filled with Bio Ceramic Tourmaline Balls, containing a variety of trace elements and minerals. Once stimulated by heat, Acada Bioceremic Infrared Mat emits far infrared rays that increase blood circulation, facilitate cell growth and tissue regeneration. This gives you the utmost stress relief and pain relief. Give your friends or family a welcome surprise with a Bioceramic Infrared Mat to keep them warm even in cold weather. Bio-ceramics have many beneficial properties:

    • Increase microcirculation contributes to tissue and cell metabolism.
    • Very useful for elderly subjects because Bio-ceramics improve oxygen exchanges and increase peripheral microcirculation with a consequent anti-inflammatory effect.
    • Beneficial for arthritis pathologies.
    • A great gift idea!