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Black Friday 2023

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Amethyst Infrared Mat + Jade Tourmaline Heating Pad

Full-body size of Amethyst Infrared, plus Red Light Jade & Tourmaline Heating Pad Lite size. Discount cross-sell, saving up $88.

  • Amethyst Infrared Mat: Single 67″x28″
  • Jade & Tourmaline Heating Pad: Lite size 31″x21″
  • Original Price: $439
  • Discount Price: $351
Special Offers

PEMF Therapy Mats

5-Gems Infrared PEMF Mat Single size 67″ x 28″, Amethyst PEMF Mats Pro Pro size 71″ x 31″,
Photon Infrared PEMF Mat with Jade and Tourmaline stones Single size 67″ x 28″.

More Bundles

Amethyst PEMF Pro + Purple Small for Back
$683.99 $583.99

Professional size of Amethyst PEMF mat, plus the Heating Pad for Back 5-Gems Purple Small 24×16 in.

Amethyst Mat Pro + Back Heat Wrap
$557.99 $446.39

Amethyst PEMF Mat plus + Waist Heating Pad Lower Back Wrap bundle. A special bundle offer for Black Friday 2022.

Acada Ultimate Bundle
$439.99 $389.99

Specially created cross-sell bundle of Acada mats with a full-body mat, small-size mat, and a heat back wrap. 

Acada TOA Mat + Back Heat Wrap Pack
$337.99 $287.29

Acada TOA FIR Heating Pad + Heat Back Wrap pack, up to 15% OFF special offer. 

The biggest sale of the year

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