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  • PHYMAT Jade Stone Heating PadPHYMAT Rainbow Gemstone Heating Pad

    PHYMAT Infrared Gemstone Heat Therapy Mat Soft for Bed


    This infrared gemstone heat therapy mat is the only bendable soft mat that can be used on a massage bed, chair, recliner. You can also wrap it around any part of your body or cover it on your back. For storage, you can roll it up to save space.

    • FOUR therapies are applied to this mat, including infrared therapy, gemstone massage therapy, negative ion therapy, and natural healing stone therapy.
    • 5 types of precious gemstones are incorporated into the far-infrared heating pad. Green aventurine, clear crystal, amethyst, obsidian, and tourmaline are all woven into this mat.
    • Available in 2 sizes: Full-body (59″ x 24″) for treating your neck, back, legs, and anywhere else. The compact size (24″ x 16″) is the perfect addition to any chair, bed or sofa.
    • Soft infrared mat with gemstones is bendable and can be rolled up for travelling.
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  • Waterproof Protection CoverPHYMAT Waterproof Cover for Heating Mat

    PHYMAT Waterproof Cover for Heated Stone Mats


    Thick Cotton Quilted Waterproof Protection Covers for Hot Stone Mats. The spill-proof cover is guaranteed to stay on your mat with a 360° elastic band and an additional elastic band in the corner.

    • The waterproof cover is guaranteed to stay on your mat. It has 360° elastic and an extra corner elastic.
    • 100% cotton quilted protection cover absorbs fluids and prevents dirt from getting to your mattress;
    • The mat protector is machine washable in code/warm water, tumble dry on low or no heat;
    • For biomats, bio-mats, infrared heating mats, FIR hot stone pads;
    • Check the dimensions of your mats. The pad still works fine if it is a little larger, or a shorter to cover just the heated stone area;
    • This waterproof cotton cover is great for absorbing sweat and for keeping the contact surfaces between the body and the mat dry;
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  • PHYMAT infrared heating pad controllerPHYMAT Smart Controller

    Replacement Smart Controller

    • Smart controller PHYMAT FIR Mats full-body size, Midsize (59″×24″), Single (67″x27″), and Pro size (70″x31″).
    • PHYMAT classic infrared mat controller fits Classic FIR mats connector 5 pins or 6 pins.
    • This controller does not fit mats with PEMF or Photon functions.
    • Cord cable length: 110cm
    • Safe grounded / earthing
    • If you want to match your mat with Photon LEDs, and PEMF therapy function, do remember to contact us in advance.
    • Any questions, please feel free to contact us.
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  • amethyst pemf mat and back heat wrap bundleamethyst pemf mat and back heat wrap bundle

    Purple PEMF Mat + Back Heat Wrap Bundle


    Amethyst PEMF Mat plus + Waist Heating Pad Lower Back Wrap bundle, PHYMAT promo deal 2023. Big save 15% OFF exclusively for Amethyst PEMF mat Pro and Lower Back Heat Wrap Heating Pad with discount coupon code “PEBACK15OFF”.

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    2. Click on “add to cart” button to add both of the mats in your cart.
    3. On your cart page, put the coupon code “PEBACK15OFF” into the “coupon code” box to apply the discount.
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